Eternity Christian Fellowship

21615 Berendo Ave. (Ste. 400) Torrance CA 90502


Senior Pastor / Bible Teacher:  Rev. John Edmiston B.Sc. B.D.
Associate Pastor  / Evangelist:  Anthony D'Angelo

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Eternity Christian Fellowship is a  Spirit-filled Christian home fellowship in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.


We started in 2006 as a church designed for people who cannot get to a local church because of disability or social anxiety.


We are a bible-based church that expounds the Scriptures and adheres to evangelical Christian doctrine. (See our statement of faith at left).



Our main activities are:


    End Times Prayer Meeting (2nd Friday of each month)

    Uplifting Moments radio program - (every Saturday in Bakersfield)

    Friday night in-depth bible studies

    Pastoral counseling
    Healing prayer
    Deliverance / Breaking curses
    Internet ministry


We have just produced a free brochure called How To Pray During This Time of COVID-19 This brochure is Creative Commons and you may print it out and distribute it freely.


John Edmiston is available for preaching, teaching and taking seminars.


We are closely associated with the Asian Internet Bible Institute (also known as Cybermissions).









ECF is incorporated as a religious non-profit corporation in the State of California and donations are still tax-deductible since it is a church, though we have chosen not to make it a 501(c)3 for philosophical reasons.


Phone:   +1 310-844-6948 (Google voice)